In addition to providing a high-quality product offering, Myers & Co., Inc. offers a complete line of value-added services including:
  • Assembly and Fabrication - Reduce your vendor base and let Myers & Co. fabricate, assemble or kit your special requirements.


  • Tube Bending Seminar - Improve the quality and reduce the installation time of your tubing systems. Have Myers & Co. conduct a customized on-site Tube Bending Seminar where our qualified personnel will conduct training and demonstrate proper tube bending techniques. We will design the class around your time constraints and system requirements.


  • Tube Fitting Safety Seminar - Proper tube fitting installation is an essential part of a safe, leak-free tubing system. Myers & Co. offers Tube Fitting Safety Seminars designed to meet your company's particular needs. Contact us to schedule a seminar.


  • Vendor Managed Inventory - Myers & Co., Inc. personnel can manage your on-site inventory. We will make sure you are stocked with all the items that you require to run your day-to-day operations, which will allow plant personnel to focus on plant operation issues.


  • Consignment - Need stock on-site for your next project? Myers & Co. can consign and manage your valve, fitting, gauge and tubing requirements without tying up your company's financial resources.